Terms & Conditions

  1. WE ART is an international contact platform, on which Artists / Agents may register to present their portfolios. Therefore, WE ART is running a website and is sending newsletters (maximum of: 1 news per Artist/newsletter and 3 news per Agent/newsletter) regularly to registered Artists / Agents / Commissioners.
  2. Only registered Commissioners may access to the whole website portfolios, as long as they agreed and / or did not disagreed in the receipt of the newsletter. The newsletter is arranged at WE ART’s own discretion.
  3. WE ART is only rendering contact services; in particular a certain access is not owed. Agreements about possible cooperation will only be agreed between Artists / Agents and clients, as far as an art-production-agreement is not agreed with WE ART AGENCY separately.
  4. WE ART is selecting appropriate Artists / Agents as well as their portfolios on its own discretion and is particular not obliged to incorporate Artists / Agents and also permitted to reject Artists / Agents at any time as well as to terminate existing memberships with a termination period of four weeks and also to reject membership extensions.
  5. The duration of memberships is one year.  The membership fees follow the currently prices. If a membership is not terminated to four weeks before the end, it shall be extended by another year; WE ART will inform of the extension at least eight weeks in advance. WE ART has the right to delete portfolios and news articles in the event of a termination or a default of payments.
  6. WE ART will create Artist portfolios for each Artist on its own discretion regarding the portfolio arrangement and design, as well as the content selection and description and also the content keyword marking and may change or delete portfolios at any time; Artists will be informed in the case of a deleting a portfolio and obtain attributable membership fees.
  7. Agents will be listed according to countries without own portfolio and only with a link to their respective website.
  8. Registered Artists / Agents grants WE ART a non-exclusive, free of charge and worldwide right to use selected and submitted portfolio content for the duration of a membership as well as perpetual to self-promotion and reference purposes on own websites, social media accounts (e. g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr etc.) and in own newsletter in whole or in parts as well as alone and / or combined with other Artist’s / Agent’s content by publishing, distributing, copying and making it available to the public in any other way. WE ART is allowed to edit submitted content as well as grant third parties single rights of use thereto for these purposes. With submitted content, Artist / Agent oblige towards WE ART being owner of all corresponding content rights and indemnify WE ART free from any own and / or third party claims.
  9. WE ART is liable only for damages caused by WE ART ’s gross negligence or willful misconduct, whereby the limitation of liability shall be limited to foreseeable damages and damages of typical use.
  10. WE ART does not warrant the website’s trouble-free functionality or a specific availability.  Moreover, there is no claim to maintenance the website’s individual functionalities or the website itself as well as publishing portfolio content. WE ART may create the website on its own discretion.
  11. A membership requires the raising and processing the personal data as apparent from the registration process. These data is only used to process memberships as well as to liaise Artists / Agents to clients and will be deleted subsequent to the legal storage period. With a membership, Artists / Agents / Commissioners agree with using personal data for this purpose. Each Artist / Agents/ Commissioner has a right to information free of charge about the data stored about his person, as well as a right to adjustment, blocking or deletion and removing of personal data as well as withdrawals. User may contact WE ART at any time by questions of personal data-using.
  12. These terms & conditions are subjected to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany with exclusion of CISG. Exclusive jurisdiction is Berlin.
  13. If any provision of these terms and conditions should be invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. Instead of the invalid provision shall be replaced with a clause that comes as close as possible to the intended purpose of the invalid provision.