1 February 2017

Beautiful, intricate, surreal

Versatile artist Andrea Wan creates work that will tease out and hypnotise your inner child. Each image charts an exquisitely surreal tale, filled with ethereal characters and events and often set against a stark white background. These are stories with endlessly variable beginnings, middles and ends, of which Lewis Carroll would no doubt have been an avid follower.

The illustrator, visual artist and accomplished muralist was born in Hong Kong, raised in Vancouver and is now based in Berlin, regularly exhibiting her work on the international stage.

Her delicate ink and gouache illustrations display delicate figures with fragile porcelain faces and elongated features, intertwined with buildings and trees, interacting with sloths, teepees, ghosts and technology; an organic and graceful interweaving of seemingly disparate things – beautiful, intricate and surreal.